Gadgetshock is a clean, simple, and easy to customize premium quality Wordpress theme specifically designed for your news or magazine webiste and great for gadget / phone / techno-related topics. Gadgetshock is a WordPress child theme based on the Hybrid framework. The colors, layout, design, and other elements of Gadgetshock are inspired by several of the biggest gadget blogs on the internet.



  • Clean and Fresh Design
  • Wordpress 3.1 Compatible
  • Hybrid Framework
  • SEO Friendly
  • Cross Browser Support
  • Jquery Slideshow for Featured Post
  • Two Menus (Header and Footer)
  • Dropdown Menu
  • Custom @font-face
  • 8 Widget Placements
    • Header
    • Before content
    • After content
    • After single page
    • Sidebar (primary)
    • Small sidebar A (secondary)
    • Small sidebar B (tertiary)
    • Footer
  • Tweet, Like and +1 button without plugin
  • Popular posts without plugin
  • Related posts without plugin
  • SEO Friendly
  • Page Navigation without plugin
  • Count reading time without plugin


GadgetShock is a WordPress child theme for the Hybrid framework, a popular open source framework that is easy to setup and configure, and customize. To install Gadgetshock, following these steps (full installation guide included with theme):

  1. Download Gadgetshock + Hybrid Theme from link we give to you after check out.
  2. Upload both Hybrid and GadgetShock to your WordPress site. You can upload the zip files directly from your WordPress dashboard by going to Appearance > Themes, or you can unpack the files on your computer and FTP them directly to the /wp-content/themes/ directly on your website.
    Please note: You should upload first but you don't need to activate it. Then upload
  3. Activate GadgetShock from your WordPress dashboard (go to Appearance > Themes).
  4. Voila! Done. Your theme is ready customize to your needs.


How do I change the logo?
Upload your logo into the images folder (/themes/gadgetshock/images) and rename it as logo.png (to show it in the header) and logo-footer.png (to show it in the footer). The resolutions should be 273 x 49 px for logo.png and 184 x 35 px for logo-footer.png.
What if I’m not using a logo?
Then Gadgetshock will use your blog title.
How to create the featured slideshow?
To have a post show in the features slideshow, you must tag the post as “Featured” and set the image to be the featured image.
If you don’t make the image the featured image, the slider-image.jpg will replace the image in the slider.
How do I set up the footer menu?
Create the custom menu as usual under Appearance > Menus, and assign the menu that you create to be the Secondary Menu.
How do I change the email, Twitter, and Facebook addresses on sidebar?
Open sidebar-primary.php, go to line 14 and change the text with your own $email, $twitter, $facebook.
How many sites can I use on GadgetShock on?
You can use gadget sock on as many websites as you like.
Can I customize the images included with each theme, like the logo?
Yes, We try to make editing images easy.
How do I add my own Google AdSense ads?
There is widget available for advertisement, including Google AdSense or others.
Can I modify the theme?
Yes, you are free to change the theme in any way that you like.
Am I required to retain the link back to TechnoThemes when I use your themes?
No, we do not require that you retain the credit links, but it is much appreciated when you do!
Do you have other WordPress themes?
No. Check the WordPress themes directory or this list of other great WordPress magazines themes.
Can I download dummy content for my theme?
Yes, we have a dummy content file ready for you to setup and test your theme. Download dummy content here.